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do paper tube viet nam


  During the establishment and operation so far, DAE – DO PAPER TUBE Vietnam co., ltd  always offers customers the best prestige and quality product. With raw materials are 100% on imports from countries such as MALAYSIA, INDONISIA, THAILAND, KOREA ...

  DAE – DO PAPER TUBE Vietnam co., ltd specializes in producing paper tubes from paper materials finished products (excluding pulp processes), we specialize in production of core paper tube from 44 to 608 diameter, V corner protector of paper. Especially, we are specialized in manufacturing core paper tube from 504 to 608 diameter in rolling stainless steel industry, panel and sheet steel.

  We are committed to ensure our products:
* To achieve quality in accordance with design, engineering, design requirements of the customer.
* To ensure delivery plan fast and on time.
* Competitive price.